Off-road dirt bike riding is dangerous, and can lead to severe injury or worse and machinery can be damaged, so please ride within your limits and at your own pace, respect other riders and the environment and remember…it is not a race out there!


General Rules

  • Everyone must register in to the property.

  • Any visitors or spectators, who want to ride, have to complete and sign our guest register and Indemnity form. People found riding who haven’t done this will be immediately evicted from Dirtworx Ride Park.

  • Riding is between 9am and 3pm. The Enduro loop closes at 2:30pm, you can ride the MX and dirt tracks until 3pm. No riding after 3pm.

  • No driving of cars is allowed around the property, once your car is parked in the allocated parking area, it needs to stay there. You can only drive out on the same road you came in on.

  • Enclosed footwear must be worn at all times; there are hazards in the ground (eg: tree stumps, roots, metal & wire etc).

  • Stay within the property at all times.

  • Swimming is not allowed in the dam (there are hidden dangers under the water).

  • All incidents must be reported to the operator.

  • Dirtworx Ride Park is an alcohol free zone, no alcohol is to be consumed onsite.

  • Dirtworx Ride Park is a family friendly business, profanities, abusive behaviour and aggressive riding will not be tolerated, you will be asked to pack up and leave.

  • Rider’s dirt bikes must ensure their bike is in good mechanical condition.

  • Dirt bikes must be ridden and cars must be driven at walking pace only in the parking area.



Riding Gear

Appropriate off-road protective clothing must be worn at all times. National standards approved helmet, goggles, gloves, off-road boots, a long sleeve shirt and long sturdy pants. Failure to comply may compromise your participation.



  • You need to watch out for uneven terrain and obstacles that come across your path, like rocks, ruts, roots, stumps, diagonal logs & sticks, trees, holes, drainage mounds and washouts. During wet conditions watch out for the hard packed greasy and slippery areas.

  • Wildlife eg: kangaroos, snakes and other wildlife, especially the first riders out on the tracks in the morning.

  • There are old vehicles around that contain hazards. Stick to the tracks and you will be fine.



This property will be monitored for environmental impact, so to keep this facility open, please be respectful and stick to the tacks.



Track Guidelines

  • The tracks are single direction only. Always follow the direction of the arrows.

  • When entering the track, make sure you give way to riders already on the track.

  • Be careful of overtaking, especially the little kids, as they do wander more. Please give them room.

  • Do a sighting lap to familarise yourself with the track before picking up speed.

  • Jumping is not recommended, but if you do so, then jumping is at your own safety and risk.

  • Be careful as there are many hazards off the tracks if you overshoot the corners.

  • Ride within your limits and to the conditions.

  • If it is dusty, hang back so you can see where you are going.

  • A riding parent must accompany their children on the track until the riding parent is satisfied that their child(ren) can ride safely unattended.

  • Before riding the Loops, make sure you have enough fuel. The longest loop is around 6.5kms in total length and maybe quite fatiguing. Make sure you take water with you to keep hydrated.

  • Please read and abide by signage around the property.

  • The Enduro loop closes at 2:30pm, please don’t enter the trail loops after this time.

  • Peewee bikes only to be ridden on peewee tracks.

  • Senior Motocross track is 85cc above only.

  • All other tracks, riders are to be aware of smaller capacity bikes and varied levels of riding skills.


Breakdown & Injury Procedure

  • If someone is injured, stay with the patient and send the next person who comes along the trail for help.

  • If you breakdown, stay with your bike until another rider finds you, they can get help.


How to get help

  • If you come across an injured or broken down rider and need to get help, keep riding to the end of that track. Please travel at a safe speed. Go to reception and inform Dirtworx representative, manager, staff or volunteer.

  • Try to remember a few details, like the riders name, bike number, injury or breakdown, which track they are on.

  • It will not be long before someone comes across you.

  • Never leave the designated tracks, never ever short cut through the bush or plantation, it might seem like a short cut, but it is hazardous! And can be dangerous.




Prior to entry all riders must fill out and sign our Indemnity Form.You can download and print this form via the link below. Please make sure you fill out and sign the forms before you arrive to ensure a streamlined check-in.


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